Board Meeting 01/16/19,  Sizzlers Restaurant Albany, Oregon  6:30pm


A quorum bring present, the meeting of WVTPA was called to order at 6:41pm on 01/16/19, by VP Virgil Cool.

Board members in attendance: Virgil Cool, Frank Prantl, Teri Rush, Terry Kovach, Loreen Haight, Sandy McDaniel, Donna Kamstra.

Board members absent:  Shilo Biegel, Heather Loveall

Members at large in attendance:  Chrislyn Prantl


Report of officers:

Minutes from the 11/19/18 meeting were read and approved, MM Sandy, 2nd Loreen. MC

Minutes from the 12/22/18 meeting were read and approved, MM Loreen, 2nd Teri. MC

Treasurer- Report of current account balances and report:

Sandy brought reports and records for December 2018 and January 2019. The December report was accepted and approved with the correction for 12/11/18.  MM Donna, 2nd Loreen, MC

The January report was accepted and approved, MM Donna, 2nd Loreen. MC  The board approved Sandys request to move the $2000. taken from the savings account previously, back to the savings account.


Unfinished Business

3Man Sorting Jackpot 02/23/19- We discussed many aspects of our upcoming February jackpot event.

Buzzer-  Sandy is having trouble with the buzzer, possibly cable repair. It was suggested to try farmnet.tek  Without a timer, we will sound the buzzer when there is 30 seconds left on the clock at our event. We will try this at our next regular penning at Brantons on 01/26/19.

Walkie-Talkies-  Teri and Shilo will be bringing walkie-talkies to try out at our January penning also before our jackpot in February. We discussed getting our flier out on other club sites and to start advertising. Three teams are called in already.

Two goes- We are planning on a two-go average; we will post, however, that any announced message that day will supersede printed announcement in case of a very large team turnout.

Flagging/Scribe- We will need a scribe for the day; we are hoping John Baker will be able to flag for us, and Frank suggested Dan Lybarger for scribing. If we do not have John, we may need to ask Dan to flag, in which case we will still need a scribe.

Set-up-  As this is our first 3-man in quite a while, Kevin will come help set up on Friday night, 02/22. Bill Biegel, Teri, Terry K, Mark,Virgil, Donna and Prantl’s will try and come as well.

Parking-  Parking may be an issue at Branton’s; Teri will talk to Anita about how best to handle this.


Cattle Contract-  We still do not have a signed contract; Frank is working on this and we believe our contract for last year is still in effect in case of loss, etc.


First Aid Kit- Teri brought a kit, so we have one at events.


OHSET Borrow Panels (Heather)-  Heather was not at the meeting, she had been asked by North Valley OHSET to also use our penning panels. We texted with her during the meeting, and as we did not have an answer about our panels in trade for a timer (when we are at Brantons Arena) this was asked also. We will allow North Valley OHSET to use our panels as long as Heather is there to unlock them and lock them back up. She will find out about a possible trade for a timer.


Business Cards with Schedule (Terry K)- Terry showed us samples and prices for options to put our schedule on the back of business cards. $9.99 front only; $18.59 for front and back, for 250 cards. Teri said she could make stickers with our schedule to put on the back of the cards we already have, then we can revisit this for next year’s cards and schedule.


Settler gift- this will be a part of the Awards Committe, as Kevin is the only club help every event who is not paid.


New Business

Help/Cost Riding With New Members- We have had so many new riders this season, and the subject of cost for our riders helping and riding with them was discussed. We used to have a “volunteer list” to have a list available to call on for this. MM Frank, to reinstate this volunteer list, not to exceed four riders, and our volunteer could then ride/help with the newcomers to the club without he/she having to pay for that ride. Our volunteers must sign-up before our pennings, and Sandy will have a clipboard at the desk. 2nd Sandy, MC


Flowers for Alan-  We will be sending flowers to Alan Kolb, who will soon be home from the hospital, and Sandy will deliver them.


Flagging-  Paul had asked to be relieved of his flagging duties, and we contacted John who flagged at one event. Teri worked with him and she flagged alone the next event, and she has stated she will do our flagging. Paul will be remembered at year-end also.


Communication- Discussed again the need to communicate if something comes up that we all  need to be aware of; Private Message or Board group text, if something should come up between board meetings or pennings.

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WVTPA Board Meeting 01/16/19

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Website-   the workings of the website were again discussed, and how easily things can be changed/deleted etc. if several people are doing several things. Teri and Sandy discussed communicating when things need to be changed, changes/suggestions sent to Sandy and she can get everything the way people want it to look. Volunteer hours will be looked at for description, explanation etc. on  our main page.


Ratings Lists-  With so many new people, it is taking a lot of time to get the Ratings Lists out to the committee members. On these nights with new riders, Virgil will get the lists done and handed out and collected.


Adjournment:   With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:26 pm.

Next board meeting will be  Wednesday, 02/20/19 at Sizzlers in Albany


Respectfully submitted,


Donna Kamstra

WVTPA Secretary