Board Meeting at Brantons Arena, Jefferson Oregon  12/22/18


A quorum bring present, the meeting of WVTPA was called to order at 2:54pm on 12/22/18, by Pres Shilo Biegel.


Board members in attendance:   Shilo Biegel, Virgil Cool, Donna Kamstra, Sandy McDaniel, Loreen Haight, Frank Prantl, and Teri Rush.


Board members absent:  Heather Loveall, Terry Kovach


Members at large in attendance:   Chrislyn Prantl, Derek Biegel, and Kylie Tish


Report of officers:

Secretary’s minutes and Treasurer’s reports were tabled until the next meeting.


This meeting was held after a penning event at Branton’s Arena, to consolidate ideas regarding our upcoming 3-man Jackpot Sorting on 02/23/19. Other business was tabled until our next meeting in January. We had taken ideas and voted on the subject of the nonmember fee for our upcoming jackpot event via board messaging; there was still question and discussion regarding this, so another vote was called for by Shilo, and today’s vote was that we would not be charging a nonmember fee for our event in February.


Frank also gave an update on cattle fees and his discussions with Leonard, this will be revisited after January.


Adjournment   With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 3:12pm.


Next board meeting will be   Wednesday, 01/16/19 at Sizzlers in Albany.


Respectfully submitted,


Donna Kamstra

WVTPA Secretary