Board Meeting at Sizzler’s Restaurant, Albany, Oregon 11/19/18  @ 6:30 pm


Opening: A quorum bring present, the meeting of WVTPA was called to order at  6:31pm on 11/19/18, by Pres Shilo Biegel.

Board members in attendance:   Shilo Biegel, Virgil Cool, Donna Kamstra, Sandy McDaniel, Terry Kovach,  Loreen Haight, Frank Prantl, and Teri Rush-Peterson

Board members absent:  Heather Loveall

Members at large in attendance:   Cindy Cool, Chrislyn Prantl

Report of officers:

Secretary-  The minutes from the 10/17/18 meeting were read and approved. MM  Sandy, 2nd  Frank.

Treasurer- Report of current account balances and report

The treasurer’s report was discussed and approved as presented. MM Frank, 2nd Loreen.


Unfinished Business

Cattle Contract-  It has been a busy time, and Frank and Leonard have not gotten together yet. Frank will work on this for next meeting, and he will also discuss 3-man sorting cattle fee as we have the numbers for penning at Albany and Branton, two herd and three herd, but not 3-man sorting.

Panel Purchase-  We were again discussing the cost of purchasing the needed panels from Coastal and Wilco, and Sandy will email our Tax ID number to Teri. However, since we are transporting our panels back and forth to Brantons arena, as we do not have storage for them there, we discussed it really does not make sense to spend money on more panels (to have at both places) if we have to transport them anyway each time we go. So for now we will not pursue purchasing new panels, but will transport ours back and forth.

Panel Transport-  Again discussed the difficulties transporting panels to Brantons, being able to get into the fairgrounds before an event, room on the trailer, help loading, different ways of loading the panels, maybe removing gates we do not need at Brantons, etc. We discussed loading the panels onto our trailer after our penning night at Albany and before the event at Brantons using our volunteer help after penning, maybe even on OHSET night, and Donna was asked to contact the Fairgrounds regarding possible help with a forklift, etc. Donna will call Cathy. Discussed this may be a possibility as we are not using the two-time arena workups that we needed before and our fee was raised to accommodate.

First Aid Kit-  Sandy thought there was a possibility we had one from a prior fundraiser, but we do not. Chrislyn had an idea of where to check and will let the board know about this before we just purchase one.

Dust Control Albany-  After talking with the fairgrounds, the dust problem was much better at our last penning, arena had been watered; however, it was right after a horse show so we will be sure and check this again at out next penning.

New Business

3-man Sorting Event- Discussed our event on 02/23/19 at Brantons; Open $35, 60% payback, must pen to come back. Am/Nov $25, 50% payback, 2 goes. Donna will speak to Paul and Marla, Teri and Shilo will check on walkie-talkies for the day. A flier from our last planned 3-man is attached, and Shilo also said she would be making a flier for this event. We will advertise, and ask for call-ins; Donna will take the teams; call, text, or email. We will be thinking of sponsorships for added money.

Paid Cattle Help at Brantons-  Cattle help at Brantons was discussed, and the possibility of paying extra people (maybe two) $25 for help on Saturdays. Teri will be thinking of a crew for this.  Sandy MM, Frank 2nd, we offer $25 to paid help on Saturdays and see if this is sufficient for the work needed, and we will revisit after our next Saturday event. MC

Year-End Saddle Award-  We again discussed awarding saddles, and the need to decide on this so people know the possibilities of what they are riding for. Budget was discussed, and our current income and payout for each event. This will be determined after our February jackpot event. Discussed sponsorships for saddle awards also.

Business Cards with Schedule-  Terry K suggested putting our schedule on the back of our business cards that we have presently. She will find out where our current cards were printed and see about cost of adding schedule on the back, or whether it would be less expensive to order new cards with schedule.

Paying at Events-  Discussed money needing to be collected at every event; we think this was something that started a few  years ago, putting off paying until the next week, etc., but as we are only meeting two to three times per month, payment must be made the night of penning for timely deposits and accurate record keeping.

OHSET Panels Request-  Willamette Valley OHSET is asking to borrow our panels. We discussed we want to be a support for this, and of course they would be responsible for them. Teri will discuss this at their meeting on 12/05/18. We also discussed our need for a timer at Brantons Arena, and perhaps we could trade using their timer for the use of our panels.

Placement of Table on Penning Nights-  We had a discussion regarding placement of Marla and Sandy on penning nights at Albany for ease of traffic flow. This had been discussed prior and Marla likes to be where she is and overseeing teams, etc; Sandy and Marla will discuss where they are positioned and keeping traffic moving in front of the table.

Polk Co Fairgrounds Penning Event-  Loreen had been contacted by Polk Co Fairgrounds regarding the feasibility of penning being an event at their fair as having the rodeo has become so expensive for them. Discussed whether this would be a draw for people to come and watch or not. This would be the 2nd weekend in August, 2019.

Adjournment   With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:12 pm.

Next board meeting-  As our next meeting is December, and we already have an event on 12/22, we will have our business meeting after the event on Saturday, 12/22/18 at Brantons Arena in Jefferson. Donna will notify Sizzlers.

Respectfully submitted,


Donna Kamstra,  WVTPA Secretary