General Membership Board Meeting at Sizzler’s Restaurant, Albany, Oregon 10/17/18


A quorum bring present, the meeting of WVTPA was called to order at 6:40pm on 10/17/18, by Pres Shilo Biegel.

Board members in attendance:   Shilo Biegel, Virgil Cool, Donna Kamstra, Sandy McDaniel, Terry Kovach,  Loreen Haight, Frank Prantl, and Teri Rush

Board members absent:  Heather Loveall

Members at large in attendance:   Chrislyn Prantl, Josephine Parks

Report of officers:

Secretary-  The minutes from the 09/19/18 meeting were read and approved. MM  Teri, 2nd Sandy

Treasurer- Report of current account balances and report   The treasurer’s report was discussed and approved as presented. The $2 petty cash will go to dollar draw. M Loreen, 2nd Frank


Unfinished Business

Cattle Tagging- Loreen states she has Kylie and Jodi for help, and things are going well. Loreen has purchased chalk for the purpose of marking cattle to be taken out of event night.


Cattle Contract-  Sandy will send Frank a final copy of the contract with the agreed upon figures from our last meeting, and he will see that we have a signed contract for our files.


Trailer Registration-  Sandy has gone to DMV and has the registration and tags, and we are up to date for our trailer.


Panels/Trailer Returned to WVTPA-  We have spoken with Matt, and trailer and panels are to be returned. Donna will call the fairgrounds and see if there is a map so he will know exactly where to park, or we can take a picture and send to him. Shilo will get the date for their return.


Panel Purchase/quotes-  Frank talked with Wilco, still waiting on a price. Teri talked with Buzz at Coastal; if we provide our Nonprofit Status Number, he will see about a discount for the club, which led to the Nonprofit discussion below.


Nonprofit Status-  Chrislyn brought information about Nonprofit Status; we are not a 501(c)3 charitable organization, we cannot offer tax credit. We do have a nonprofit status, and we will continue to work to be sure this is current.


Saturday Dates Update-  We do not have a Saturday in May at Brantons; we did add another Tuesday, 04/23/19 at the Fairgrounds as the April Saturday date was a conflict with another club, so no Saturday dates in April or May.


Saturday 06/22/19-  As we are holding our year-end at Brantons on Saturday, 06/01/19, we will return the 06/22 date to the Fairgrounds so another group can use that date.


3Man Sorting-  We decided that Saturday, 02/23/19 will be a Jackpot 3Man Sorting at Brantons, 9:30 warmup, begin at 10:30am. We discussed sponsorships for added money.


Brantons Arena Protocol-  We will begin our Saturday events at 10:30am, warmup at 9:30. We can set up any time after 8:00pm on Friday night. Cost will be $50. per hour, six hour minimum and the check can be put in the dropbox at the arena that day made out to Anita Branton. They will work the arena and leave the tractor for us, Teri will check on watering the arena. The boarder areas of the barn will be blocked off so we will not interfere with the barn’s boarding business, we can set up at either end, and there are more options for cattle pens. Setup, takedown, cattle, etc are our responsibility for the events at Brantons. Teri will check on panel storage, or we will communicate regarding hauling the trailer/panels there and back.


New Business

Appeal Letter-  The Ratings Committee acted on the appeal of Cheyenne Robbins, and she will remain an Am rider. A copy  is attached to the Secretary’s minutes.


Ratings Protocol-  When a new rider comes, or when an appeal is made, Sandy will notify Virgil and he will act on this, and collect the results. These results will be given to Sandy who will bring to the next board meeting and Donna will add them to the minutes. There are five on the committee, a quorum of three is needed for the final result; if there are not five Ratings Committee members present on that night, they can be appointed that evening to fulfill the requirements.


Year-End Awards-  Teri volunteered to be our award coordinator this year, and Sandy will again do the jackets. We discussed saddles; this will be determined by our attendance, etc.,  and also if we can find saddle sponsorships. We discussed prizes or money for drawpot, it was the consensus that prizes are appreciated, and they have the WVTPA logo, which is great. How many places for the drawpot will be awarded will be discussed as the season goes on.


Dust Control Albany Arena-  We are having a lot of dust at the fairgrounds, Donna will call Cathy regarding how we get the arena watered.


Chain Purchase-  Terry K has asked for a longer chain for the panel lockup. Virgil will take care of this.

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10/30 Costume Penning-  Teri asked about doing a costume night for our penning on 10/30, also board members bringing a bag of candy. It was discussed this would be a fun thing to do, costumes being “horse-sensitive”.


First-Aid Kit-  Our First-Aid Kit is sadly out of date, Sandy will look into this.


November Meeting-  As our next board meeting is scheduled the night before Thanksgiving, we will have a date change that night and it will be Monday, 11/19/18.


Adjournment   With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:04pm.


Next board meeting will be   Monday, 11/19/18, at Sizzlers in Albany.


Respectfully submitted,


Donna Kamstra

WVTPA Secretary