Board Meeting at Sizzler’s Restaurant, 09/19/18 Albany, Oregon  @ 6:30 pm


A quorum bring present, the meeting of WVTPA was called to order at 6:41 pm on 09/19/18, by President Shilo Biegel

Board members in attendance:  Shilo Biegel, Frank Prantl, Teri Rush-Peterson, Virgil Cool, Sandy McDaniel, Heather Loveall, Loreen Haight, and Donna Kamstra

Board members absent:  Terry Kovach

Members at large in attendance:  Chrislyn Prantl

Report of officers:

Secretary-    The minutes from the 08/15/18 meeting were read and approved. MM Frank,  2nd Virgil

Treasurer- Report of current account balances and report, also Audit report. Sandy presented the report along with the audit, which is attached to the secretary’s minutes. This was approved as presented, Shilo asking we send the credit amount of $64.00 to the Evans family. MM Donna, 2nd Loreen


Unfinished Business

Tracking volunteer hours toward year-end-  Teri presented a proposal to the board explaining the necessity of mandatory volunteer hours, a description of the jobs to be done, and four options for review. (Copy is attached to secretary’s minutes.) Teri’s recommendation was Option 1: Club members to volunteer four times per year.  This will be a new requirement to earn WVTPA finals jacket in June and qualify for finals. We will keep track at each event. (We already have a 10 ride/work qualification in place for jackets; this new volunteer proposal is in addition to that.) We made the addition at the meeting that for the gate duties, we would need two workers per night, and also family members volunteering will count towards members’ volunteer times. With this last addition, MM by Donna, 2nd Frank, to accept Teri’s proposal, Option 1.


Cattle Taggers- Loreen spoke with her friend, Jodi, and she has agreed to help with cattle tagging. For our first event, 09/25/18, Loreen will be traveling and hopes to be back in time; she will be in contact with Terry K for cattle tagging on that night.


Cattle Contract- Frank spoke with Leonard, cattle supplier. Leonard is asking for a price increase, citing sickness, stress, mortality, etc.; we are currently paying $10.76 per head. He is asking for $15.00; Albany (2 herds) $675; Albany (3 herds) $900; Brantons (3 herds) $975. We discussed team numbers, and on 2 herd nights, teams will be capped at 35. On 3 herd nights, we can have 51 teams. Frank will talk with him regarding this, we will meet his price increase but there will be no bonuses; this is the price we will pay. Mid-season, Frank and Leonard will re-evaluate this contract, and if WVTPA numbers are up and we are having large team turnouts, we can discuss bonuses at that time. MM Frank, 2nd Teri.


Website- We discussed our website, how user-friendly it is, and options. We have just done a re-do with WordPress and we would have to start over again; so we will stay with what we have for now, and if this remains an issue, we can revisit this.


New Business

Letter from Paula Connaghan- a letter was received which was sent out in a board email prior to the meeting so everyone could read it and come to the meeting with their thoughts. We discussed the issues raised, some have been discussed on previous occasions, some items covered above such as time limits and teams already being capped with the herd fees we are paying, and generally the changes and work being done by the board; always striving to be a positive, growing club.  A copy of this letter is attached to the secretary’s minutes.


Trailer Registration-  Our flatbed trailer registration was not paid last year, so tags are expired. Sandy has asked Sonya about registration, bill, etc., but she does not know where this would be. Sandy will go to the DMV with the original bill of sale, pay the bill and get current tags and registration, and have the address changed to the current Treasurer, which will be the norm for all correspondence and bills, etc. The title was in the large Secretary Book that was given to Julie last year; we are still trying to locate this.


Panels- Bring home/Storage/Purchase-  Virgil and Frank will be seeing Matt Hogan next week, and they will arrange for our panels and trailer to come back to the fairgrounds. Donna will contact the fairgrounds regarding storage of the trailer. To have panels for Brantons and Fairgrounds, and not have to transport back and forth, we will need to purchase two 16 ft and one 8 ft panel. Frank will get prices from Wilco, Teri will check with Coastal Farms, and we will decide this at our next meeting.           (Cont. Page 2)



Board Meeting 09/19/18 Page 2


New Business (cont):

Nonprofit status-  Sandy has done some research, and while we have our nonprofit status number, there  is a question about the proper paperwork always being filed. The suggestion was to talk with a tax preparer, Chrislyn has a name and will check on this also, and make sure our status is up to date.


Saturday penning conflicts-  Saturday 04/27/19 is a conflict with UVTPC finals, and Saturday 05/11/19 has several conflicts, including Branton’s Arena.  These two dates will be taken off our schedule, and we will try to see if we can re-claim a Tuesday night at the fairgrounds in April, and a different Saturday at Brantons in May. Donna will check with the fairgrounds regarding 04/23/19 OR 04/30/19, and Teri will check with Anita at Brantons regarding 05/04/19.


Year-End Date-  We have Saturday, 06/01/19 at Brantons Arena for our year-end. Discussion again regarding our Saturday at the fairgrounds, 06/22/19, and what we would like to do with this date.  This will be on the agenda for next meeting.


3-Man Sorting-  We will discuss at our next meeting, which will be a General Membership Meeting, a date for a 3-man sorting.


Adjournment: With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:48 pm.


Next board meeting will be  Wednesday 10/17/18, General Membership Meeting, Sizzlers in Albany.


Respectfully submitted,


Donna Kamstra

WVTPA Secretary