Board Meeting at Sizzler’s Restaurant, Albany, Oregon  08/15/18 @ 6:30 pm


A quorum bring present, the meeting of WVTPA was called to order at 6:38pm on 08/15/18, by Pres Shilo Biegel.

Board members in attendance:   Shilo Biegel, Virgil Cool, Donna Kamstra, Sandy McDaniel, Heather Loveall, Terry Kovach,  Loreen Haight, Frank Prantl, and Teri Rush-Peterson

Board members absent:  NA


Members at large in attendance:  Cindy Cool, Chrislyn Prantl, and Paula Connaghan


Report of officers:

Secretary-  The minutes from the 07/18/18 meeting were read and approved. MM  Sandy, 2nd  Loreen, MC


Treasurer- Report of current account balances and report

The treasurer’s report was discussed and approved as presented. Sandy also presented a reconciliation report, P&L, and year-end report. MM Donna, 2nd Teri, MC


Unfinished Business

Dates/Days 2018/19 Season- We again went over the available Tuesdays from the fairgrounds, decided on the dates we wanted to keep (staying with our “no more than three pennings per month” decision) and those we did not, so the contracts can be signed for the fairgrounds. We tentatively decided on our Saturday dates for Brantons Arena, pending approval from Anita at Brantons. This list is attached. When we receive confirmation, our 2018/19 season can be posted. Donna MM, 2nd Frank, that we go with this schedule pending approval from Brantons. MC  We also discussed the hope of putting on a jackpot on our Saturdays, 3-man pennings, etc. Also discussed a contract with Brantons Arena for our dates, fees, what is expected from us, from them, etc. This will be done when our dates are finalized.


WVTPA FB Site- It was decided our Admins for our Facebook site will be Sandy McDaniel and Heather Loveall; Monitors will be Shilo Biegel and Loreen Haight. Again discussed our purpose and hopes for our site. Shilo read the “announcement” that appears at the beginning of the WVTPA FB page regarding following rules and regulations, courtesy, respect for fellow members, profanity use, etc. We discussed other clubs having a “delay” in posts as the posts, pictures, etc., have to be approved before they go on social media, but at this time it was felt we don’t need to do that as Admins and Monitors will keep watch that simple basic rules are followed.


FB Page Settings- Shilo brought a printout of the settings, announcements, info, etc. This is attached to the minutes.


PAN/Draws- We discussed the Dollar Draw, PAN class, fast-times; fun extras for the club to consider again as our numbers grow. We already have a small amount in our Dollar Draw from rider donations and from last year, so it was decided Sandy will make a list of riders, and everyone will be considered in the Dollar Draw UNLESS they want their name removed. This will add $1 per rider each event, 100% payback, but names will easily be removed from the list of those not wanting to ride in the draw. This will be posted on our FB sites, announced at the pennings, announced at meetings, and hopefully will be a fun addition to our penning events. MM Sandy, 2nd Donna, MC


Tracking volunteer hours toward year-end-  Set-up, take-down, gate work, settling, transporting panels.. volunteer work will be mandatory beginning this season; Teri will make a list of the jobs that need done for every event, and she will have a clipboard and names of riders each event working. This will go towards qualifying for year-end. It was also suggested this can go toward jackets at year-end. The number of times volunteering needed to qualify, what it will be going towards at year-end, will be decided at our next meeting.


New Business

Cattle-  Mark and Terry have been asked to be released from cattle tagging. Mark will be gone for several months, and Terry will help until permanent help can be found. Loreen offered to work as cattle tagger, and she may have someone from her barn who can help her. She will let the board know about this. Mark and Terry have done a fabulous job for many years, and they will be missed in this capacity.


Cattle Contract-  Frank was asked to be our cattle liaison; he was given a copy of our current contract, with some additions and changes regarding herd fees (two and/or three herds), mileage differences from Albany to Brantons, etc. He will speak with Leonard about these issues and then we will need to have a current contract signed.


Website-  tabled until next meeting.

Adjournment   With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:38pm.


Next board meeting will be   Wednesday, 09/19/18 at Sizzlers in Albany.


Respectfully submitted,


Donna Kamstra

WVTPA Secretary





TUESDAY                   09/25/18                  FAIRGROUNDS


TUESDAY                   10/02/18                  FAIRGROUNDS

TUESDAY                   10/16/18                  FAIRGROUNDS

TUESDAY                   10/30/18                  FAIRGROUNDS


SATURDAY                 11/10/18                   BRANTONS

TUESDAY                   11/27/18                  FAIRGROUNDS


TUESDAY                   12/04/18                  FAIRGROUNDS

TUESDAY                   12/11/18                   FAIRGROUNDS

SATURDAY                 12/22/18                  BRANTONS


TUESDAY                   01/08/19                  FAIRGROUNDS

TUESDAY                   01/15/19                  FAIRGROUNDS

SATURDAY                 01/26/19                  BRANTONS


TUESDAY                   02/12/19                  FAIRGROUNDS

SATURDAY                 02/23/19                  BRANTONS


TUESDAY                   03/05/19                  FAIRGROUNDS

TUESDAY                   03/12/19                  FAIRGROUNDS

SATURDAY                 03/30/19                  BRANTONS


TUESDAY                   04/09/19                  FAIRGROUNDS

TUESDAY                   04/16/19                  FAIRGROUNDS

SATURDAY                 04/27/19                  BRANTONS


SATURDAY                 05/11/19                  BRANTONS

TUESDAY                   05/21/19                  FAIRGROUNDS

TUESDAY                   05/28/19                  FAIRGROUNDS



SATURDAY                 06/01/19                  BRANTONS

OR    OR    OR

SATURDAY                 06/22/19                  FAIRGROUNDS