Dear WVTPA Members;

I am very sorry for the delay in communication – it seems that every day leads to more questions than answers, leading to confusion and uncertainty. All that said, I feel it is important to give you, our membership, an update with the disclaimer that it STILL subject to change.

The WVTPA Board of Directors met on May 8th at Donna Kamstra’s house (THANK YOU Donna – what a gorgeous setting on the Santiam River!!!). We discussed how we should conclude our 2019-20 season, and came up with the following:

  • Branton’s arena would be willing to host us for our Finals on June 13th. Further clarification, we had hoped Marion County was coming up on Phase I, and that we would be in Phase 2 by this date. Marion County did not make the criteria in time for this to happen. Since then, the board has been presented with several dates and two locations for our finals. The Board will be meeting soon to discuss these September dates, and hopefully have a plan to our membership soon. All indications are, at the writing of this, we will be allowed to have gatherings of 100 people by September 1st.
  • Because of the abbreviated season, (15 events/practices vs. 25 scheduled) the board has decided to award 1st and 2nd place in each division (Open, Am and Nov) for this year. Here is an interesting twist from years past – points at the finals will count toward your year-end standing! About now you are probably thinking, “Great, now I have to jackpot at finals to possibly get my year end award!” Not to worry – we are going to hold our year end show like any other Saturday show – you can just run all practice teams, and your points will count! If you want to jackpot, JACKPOT!!!
  • YEAR END DRAWPOT – This has been a tradition in this club since I started penning with them in the early 90’s. In the past, we have always tried to make sure that everyone walked away with a prize. Here too, we had to make some changes/modifications:
    • Number of Qualified Rides – We have required that you ride 10 practices/shows. This year, if you a member when all of this COVID shut us down, you are eligible!
    • We will have awards for 1st and 2nd place. Your board is working to get more donations/prizes/door prizes for the year end – we hope to continue the tradition of everyone coming away with a prize!

The WVTPA is an important avenue for friendship, horsemanship, teamwork and a longstanding tradition for equestrians throughout the Willamette Valley. The Board was really looking forward to bolstering membership, increasing participation and offering high-quality yet low-key penning and sorting events for the Pacific Northwest this year. In light of so many other crisis brought on by the Covid-19 threat, the loss of this penning seems may seem trivial. Our commitment to you, our membership, and a desire to preserve some of the ways of the ol’ west will not let this impact our future. In fact, it may just help promote our events. After all, it is pretty darn hard to spread germs when you’re on the back of a horse, especially when you’re facing a pile of high-headed cows with 9’s in their tails! Please stay tuned on our website and Facebook page for more information!

Stay healthy, and see you at the Pen!!!


WVPTA President