UPDATE: Please see the Announcements section for an update from our Club President, Frank Prantl

Welcome! If you’re new, we look forward to getting to know you. If you’re a returning member, we are happy to see you back.

Our goal is to have a great time with friends, horses and cows!

For Novice riders and horses we hope to enlighten you about the fundamentals of the game so you can enjoy it as much as we do. If you have questions, just ask someone. We are more than happy to fill you in, help you out and find you some teammates.

For returning members we hope our cattle, points program and friendly members keep you returning for more fun each week.

Questions, comments or notices, please contact us through our Secretary Donna Kamstra on the WVTPA Facebook site, or email her at: promiseranch11@yahoo.com.

Updates for the 2019-2020 Season

We have made the decision to change our rates for the 2019-2020 season due to increased cattle costs. Please see the updated prices included below:


OPEN             $15 per rider – 2 Goes

AMATEUR/NOVICE   $15 per rider – 2 Goes

OHSET           $15 per rider – 2 Goes

Optional $10 jackpot

$10.00 Arena Charge ** $10.00 Non-membership fee ** Dollar Draw $1.00

** No ride limit **

Sign up forms are available at the desk.

General Information

Tuesday – Warm-up at 5:30 pm, signups begin at 6:00 pm and penning starts at 7:00pm.

Saturday – Warm-up and signups at 9:30am and Penning starts at 10:30am.




(Family Membership is defined as those living in the same household under the same address)

Linn County Fair & Expo (Tuesday)                                    

3700 Knox Butte Road, E. Albany 97321

   Branton’s Arena (Saturday)

1609 Talbot Road, SE Jefferson 97352


Penning Dates:

Tuesdays:                                                             Saturdays:





2019-2020 WVTPA Board

President: Frank Prantl

Vice President: Virgil Cool

Secretary: Donna Kamstra

Treasure: Chrislynn Prantl

1 year term Board Members:

Heather Loveall, Teri Rush

2 year term Board Members:

Loreen Haight, Ty Tavarez, Dorinda Williams

Past President:

Shilo Biegel